Loving Eyes


Think of someone in your life who really loves and admires you.  Look at yourself through their eyes and see what they see.



When your mind, body and emotions are aligned, you will be like a laser beam when making decisions and taking action.

Coaching Is…

International Coaching Week: As a life coach and survivor, I work to help clients do more that just survive in this life. And because I have lived this out and recovered in my own life, I know what the process looks like. It’s not my credentials, but my personal experience that allows me to show up as a compassionate and empathetic coach. It affords me the ability to not only hear what my client says, but what is being said beneath the surface. More importantly, speak truth. What guilt do you need to release? What do you need to remove from your bag to lighten your load? What feelings have you swept under the rug that requires unleashing? Do more than survive, choose to THRIVE! Let’s unlock the TREASURE that is YOU.