Living Unfearfully

abyss-2036211_1280Let’s jump right in. To begin, living unfearfully is not indicative of not heeding warnings. Fear is a beneficial and life sustaining mechanism. It is there to alert you of danger. To that end, there are those that allow fear to reign in their life, in affect allowing it to become a paralyzing condition. Truth be told, fear simply vibes off our own energy. While it is there to offer us protection, it is not savvy enough to discern between a real threat and nervousness.

What is it about fear that allows it to have such a stronghold in our lives.? Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the known. There is not a rule that exists that indicates we only get one win in life. You can have as many wins as you want, if you are willing to put in the work. Learn to shift your focus from what can go wrong to what can go right. In fact, learn to dismiss the concept of this idea of wrong. Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow – a lesson for your overall improvement.

Below are some steps to take to begin moving towards living unfearfully.

  1. Exploration. Be willing to try something different. A new way of doing things. Something that challenges you and the status quo on something.
  2. Give fear a name. Yes, you read that correctly…give your fear a name. Personalize it because it is not going anywhere. Remember, it does serve a purpose. Make fear your friend, not your foe.
  3. Check it. Tell your fear when it’s protection is not required. Make it go have a seat while you work to unlock areas of unexplored potential.

To embrace the concept fully, we must learn to live a life with unabashed courage, throwing caution to the wind, and live unfearfully to achieve our big vision picture for our lives. This may not come to your overnight but continue to work at it and see how things begin to take shape in your life.

Wishing you a golden week,


Next Week: Be What You Seek

Create the Life You Want


Happy New Year! I immensely miss blogging and writing. I found myself pulled in many directions as I added Certified Professional Coach to my tool box. I was not prepared for the plethora of advice and how-to in navigating my entrepreneurial journey. In fact, I found myself needing to disconnect from it all and take a much-needed break. My hiatus is the catalyst for me clearing my head space and gaining clarity on what I want and how I want to show up – not only in business, but in life. Hopefully, these steps resonate with you and you too can create the life you want.

A couple of things need to happen first before you can get to the actual part of creation. First, review EVERYTHIING that is currently guiding your trajectory – advice columns, expert opinions, education programs, all of it. You are human, not a computer that requires coding to function. Second, a purge of the things that do not feel natural and organic to you. You decide what you want to TOSS and what you want to KEEP. There is no magic timeline or formula for completing these tasks. Obviously, the sooner the better. Trust me, it’s not as tedious as it may read because you already know the answers. This time around, you are choosing to LISTEN rather than ignore.

What’s next after your clear the gunk? A blissful state of new found clarity and memory restoration about what it is you want.  For me, I remembered why I started out on my course and averting my focus back to my goals before I permitted others to convince me otherwise. There is a plethora of people selling what they claim worked for them. Because something worked for them does not mean it is the way for you. Trust me, at the core, you have the answers within you.

Below are some tips to begin moving towards creating the life you want.

  1. You are the expert. There are many “experts” out here except no one knows the rightful path better than you.
  2. Simplicity. If it feels overwhelming or like a chore, it’s not the course of action for you.
  3. Authentic. If it feels forced or not your way of doing things – ditch it.
  4. Create Your Own Opportunity. Stop waiting for others to give you something. Get out there and create space for what you want and develop your own vision.
  5. BONUS: Think outside the box. We hear this a lot, yet we continue to box ourselves in through a label or in thinking there is only one way to achieve our heart’s desire. Be willing to go on an exploration to discover the possibilities.

You really can create the life you want once you stop trying to assimilate and lean too much on the understanding of others. Make 2019 your year of discovering the possibilities for your life and creating the life you want.

Wishing you a golden week,


Next Week: Living Unfearfully