Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It.

Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It.

Happy New Year! The time for self-reflecting on the previous year and planning for the year ahead. Plan to set goals, plan to take action, and plan to check off tasks for realizing dreams. Everything begins with a thought (dream) and what one does or does not do (belief) is the catalyst for actively pursuing the desires of life (achieve).

Anyone is capable of accomplishing great things in their life. What separates those who accomplish their dreams and the ones that do not is the conquering versus succumbing to fear. Here are some rules to properly guide the journey ahead.

1. Suspend disbelief. This is a phrase often used in the artistic realm such as writing where the author convinces the reader that an imagined world exists. Know that even in the midst of struggle or learning curves that the realization of the dream will happen, even in those moments when it may feel or look impossible.
2. No comparisons. One will encounter problems when they begin to compare their journey to another individual’s journey. It is problematic in that you don’t know the full account of their story. This also shifts the focus from pursuing and working on your own goals and enjoying your own road ahead.
3. Do not reject the inkling. A dream will gently nudge at each of us and it will not be ignored. Rejection will only lead to regret. There is NOTHING to lose in the pursuit of a dream.

How to Create the Vision of Your Dreams: Vision Board

A vision board is a good source for activating your dreams. It is a visual organization tool for the things you would like to see happen or achieve in your life. It is powerful resource in which your dreams will begin to take flight. Here are some tips to help you get started.

–  What You Need: Poster Board | Magazines | Scissors | Glue
–  You can append pictures, affirmations, and key words to your board.
–  Have fun. Make it a reflection of you. As much as possible fill up every space.
–  Add Pizzazz: You can add embellishments to add the WOW factor to your board.
–  Make It a Party: Invite friends over and work on your individual boards while mixing it up with good company and sharing your goals. This will provide a support team that will cheer you on in the pursuit of your dreams and hold you accountable and vice versa.

A Golden Life Living begins when we align our lives with our true calling. It brings forth authenticity and a fullness. I hope that each reader finds a way to make life golden now.

“When you begin to envision your tomorrows with every action you take and every penny that you spend, then you will be able to create the future of your dreams.” ~ Unknown